Stacey Clark  Soprano

Canadian Music


The Cultural Human Resources Council
Stacey is a member of the CHRC. The Cultural Human Resources Council’s mission is “to strengthen the Canadian cultural workforce by providing leadership and innovative solutions to human resource issues and to better the HR environment within the cultural sector.”

If you are self-employed, working in the cultural sector, the CHRC can provide you with many resources to help you manage your own career. I recommend several of their publications, such as The Art of Managing Your Career .

The Canadian Musical Heritage Society
Stacey was also a member of the CMHS, until recently…

The Canadian Musical Heritage Society was founded in 1982 after the release of the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, which gave reference to all different types of Canadian compositions written before the founding of the Canadian League of Composers in 1951. The CMHS decided to take things a step further and print volumes of the actual compositions.

The CMHS was established to locate, research, and choose for publication Canadian music composed before 1950. Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the past 18 years has seen the CMHS keep its promise, completing 25 volumes in its series.

Unfortunately, due to lack of operating funds, the Society was closed in May of 2003. The CMHS is continuing to work as a research group within the Faculty of Music at Carlton University to prepare a series of pedagogical books of earlier Canadian repertoire, under the supervision of Professor Elaine Keillor.

The former secretary of the CMHS, Clifford Ford, has formed his own company to sell remaining volumes and sheet music. They are available at